Did you know...

Posted by O2 Spa Bar on 13th Sep 2018

Did You Know...

"The effects of low oxygen levels in the oral environment are of particular relevance due to its relationship with bacterial growth and survival and consequent maintenance of the inflammatory response."
Dr. Antonela Warburg
Nobel Laureate 1931 and 1944

24 Hour Scratch Test

Helps reduce tissue inflammation

Accelerates faster wound healing
Helps oxygenate oxygen-free zones such as a pocketHelps reduce gum bleeding
Helps reduce halitosisSafe for all ages, especially children and the elderly
Aids in early stages of wound repair, affecting
hydroxylation of proline & lysine
Ideal supplementation: (Smokers, Sleep Apnea Patients, & Diabetics)
Aids  in fighting periodontal diseaseNo contraindicartions