Liquid Oxygen FAQ

O2 Spa Bar Liquid Oxygen 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Liquid Oxygen drops for females and males?

Each liquid oxygen formulation has the same amount of oxygen, but have different minerals added that promote the well-being of each gender individually.

The liquid oxygen drops for women have calcium magnesium added to assist the body to build stronger bones, lose weight and reduce stress.

The liquid oxygen drops for men have potassium magnesium added to help build muscle with denser mass, regulate blood pressure, and reduce stress.

Unisex Liquid Oxygen Drops: Liquid oxygen drops purchased on airlines from in-flight duty-free are unisex formulated; they are gender neutral; they don't have gender specific minerals. Our unisex formulation is available exclusively through airlines and duty free.


What's in liquid oxygen drops?

Liquid oxygen drops are a concentrated formulation of oxygen. Oxygen concentrate is suspended in a sodium chloride solution that has very little taste but naturally preserves the oxygen's concentration for years. When you add the drops to water, the sodium dissolves and frees the oxygen molecules.


How much do I take?

Every “body” is different and people use them for many different benefits. We suggest daily use: 10 drops (about 1/2 dropper) in the morning, afternoon and evening. Note that some people become very energized so we recommend PM dosage to be monitored on an individual basis as it acts as a sleep aid for some.

How do they work? How do liquid oxygen drops oxygenate the body and promote well-being?

Once you drink liquid oxygen with water or directly under the tongue, your body absorbs it through your digestive processes just like how you absorb the nutrients from the food and liquids that you consume. One bottle has 45 servings.


Are there any contraindications or side effects?

Absolutely not. It could be compared to drinking water (which is H2O) or breathing air (which contains O2). Children, the elderly, and pets can also use it. It's a family-friendly natural health product.


Who developed Liquid Oxygen drops?

O2 Spa Bar, originally an oxygen bar in Toronto, Canada since 1996, started creating liquid oxygen drops after realizing it's potential through the effects of oxygen bars.

History of O2 Spa Bar, the world's first oxygen bar O2 Spa Bar opened its doors in 1996 in Toronto, Canada. After two successful years of full-time oxygen bars, O2 Spa Bar began developing effective oxygen products that were sold to high end businesses. The popularity of the oxygen bar and its products enveloped Toronto; the city soon saw several new names in the Oxygen Spa Bar market. O2 Spa Bar grew out of Toronto and is currently headquartered in Miami, Florida, with a worldwide customer base.


What is the difference between O2 Spa Bar Liquid Oxygen and other oxygen drops?

Some oxygen drops are made from hydrogen peroxide, and most are made from oxychlorine or hypo-chloride compounds (salts of oxygen) to stabilize (bind) the oxygen molecules together. These compounds usually include high concentrations of chlorite (chlorine dioxide/ClO2) as well as chlorate (ClO3) that has a very high pH (usually 12 to 14). There is little evidence that indicates that chlorite and chlorate may indeed release oxygen in its nascent form as O2 into the body. This theory has not been scientifically proven.

Unlike the traditional approaches to oxygen supplementation, O2 Spa Bar Liquid Oxygen is based on the dissolved molecular oxygen (as O2) formulation instead of salts of oxygen formulations. Our proprietary manufacturing processes create molecules rather than bonding oxygen molecules to various salts. This unique process is scientifically proven to create a safe, effective, pH-balanced concentration that can be used anywhere in or out of the body. It is immediately bioavailable. Liquid Oxygen wins against the competition "hands down"! Liquid Oxygen is family friendly.