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Liquid Oxygen Reviews

Headaches - gone! Fatigue - reduced! Immune system - boosted!

I saw your products in the employee lounge at American Airlines. They claimed to have so many benefits and I figured if one or two of these worked for me it would be worth a try for $20.00. After a few days I noticed my daily headaches were gone and I had less fatigue during long haul flights. I also noticed that I did not get sick when many of my crew had a virus, I don't know if that is just a coincidence but your liquid oxygen is great. 
Anonymous, FL


Combat Hangovers and Jet Lag

I was at the Salon at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs this weekend and purchased a bottle of liquid oxygen. I love it! The drops were a huge help in the Springs. I was in a wedding party, and all seven of us purchased them. It is funny they mention hangovers – that is how it all started! There were a few of us at the Salon the day of the wedding who were nursing hangovers from the rehearsal dinner. Kari Jones, the spa manager at the Broadmoor suggested the drops and that was the end of it. We told her she created abunch of liquid oxygen 'junkies'!

...I am sure that all of the girls in the wedding party will want to purchase the drops however, we are spread over multiple states.

Thanks so much for all of your help. I have used the drops to combat the jet lag and lack of sleep from the wedding as I return to work and the real world. I am thrilled to know that it is so easy to obtain more. 
Megan, PA


Increase Energy and Alertness

I order 10 bottles of liquid oxygen drops at a time for my husband. He is an executive under a lot of stress and works many hours. He can't believe the difference they have made with his energy levels and alertness. I think he's crazy but he says they improve his golf game as well. All I know is that he is never without a bottle by his side! 
K. Sam, GA


Best for Jet Lag

I am a flight attendant for American Airlines and I've been taking the liquid oxygen and I've been feeling great, NO jet lag, MORE energy. I noticed I don't feel tired and I don't need to drink as much coffee as I used to. Also I noticed I sweat more which I think is good because it cleanses your body.
Medina, FL


Jet Lag Relief

My husband and I bought the liquid oxygen at the Ritz Carlton in Colorado. I arrived nauseous, with jet lag and stiff muscles before we even hit the slopes. I took them right away and noticed within an hour that I felt so much better. I will not travel without these drops anymore and would like to order 2 more bottles for us. I love this natural product as I do not like taking medication of any sorts. 
C. Van De Put, FL


Liquid Oxygen – Helps with Energy and Hangovers

I work for Champion Expo and travel trade shows for a living. The hours are very long and we party a lot. I bought the drops at my hotel and tried them out for energy. They are the best things I ever tried for hangovers and on going energy. I really noticed a difference at work and didn't feel exhaustion as I normally do at the end of a show. I'll be buying many more bottles – thanks!
N. Brashear, CA


Avoid Headaches, Jet Lag and Insomnia

I purchased a bottle of liquid oxygen female and a bottle of male for my husband at the Las Vegas trade show. I opened it right away and put some in my bottled water. I didn't feel anything right away and noticed hours later that my usual 3:00 headache and fatigue did not happen. Since I have been using the oxygen everyday, I have not had any headaches or lack of energy. I don't know what you put in this magic liquid but I would like to purchase more for my husband and myself. By the way, my husband is a pilot and since he has been using his oxygen drops he does not get his usual jet lag or insomnia anymore! Thank you.
S. Squire, TX


Energy Supplement, Weight Loss Supplement, Skin Revitalizer, Water Purifier

Ever since I have been using liquid oxygen I have realized that I have much more energy. I am working out again, feel very positive and don't seem to be exhausted anymore. I have lost those 12 unwanted pounds finally. My skin looks much younger I think because I drink so much more water, the drops make it taste so clean and fresh.
L. Modak, CA


Liquid Oxygen Drops – The Best Health Product Ever!

I love, love, love your liquid oxygen drops. Your products are incredible and I recommend them to all my friends.
T. Horlacher, ON


Natural Health Products – Liquid Oxygen is the Best

I am a flight attendant and get sick often due to flying, airborne viruses etc. Ever since I tried the liquid drops of oxygen I am feeling much more healthy, energized and sleep like a baby. My colleagues have noticed the change in my health and vigor and energy levels, if we order in bulk can we get a discount?
C. Millet, NY


Helps Improve Asthma and Bronchitis 

I am an asthma sufferer from childhood and also teach yoga part-time. I do not like taking medication unless I absolutely have to. I've been using the bottled oxygen for about 7 months and feel sooo much better. I have only used my puffer once and you should market this for asthma and bronchitis patients. I can honestly say that your drops have helped me to breathe better and also feel more energetic, even after 3 yoga classes. Thank you O2 Spa Bar.
M. Wallace, BC


Helps With Quitting Smoking, Lose Weight

My name is Sarah, I came into your O2 spa and talked to someone about wanting to change my lifestyle. I was overweight and a smoker. I bought your drops with the oxygen and the minerals. You told me to put them in a big water bottle and take it everywhere with me. They have made me feel so perky and healthy and I now go for walks at lunch everyday instead of smoking with my friends outside the office. To date, I am 20 pounds lighter and smoke only 3 cigarettes a day. You have really assisted me in reaching my goals. If you ever need a customer referral my telephone number is....
S. Carpenter, ON


Love for Liquid Oxygen

Hi, I purchased a bottle of Liquid Oxygen on a KLM flight back to Kuwait. I love it! I would like to purchased more... You should sell these on every street corner.
M. Powell, Kuwait


Aid Jet Lag

Recently I bought three bottles of Liquid Oxygen on Northwest Airlines duty free shopping from USA to Manila. It is my first time to use this product and already I was so impressed how it works on my body. I did not feel jetlag for the first time after flying 18 hours from Chicago to Manila. And my mother, who is suffering from sinusitis allergy, upon my recommendation to take the liquid oxygen, also feels some improvement. She also does not need to take sleeping pills for her insomnia anymore since taking the drops.
P. Tiope, Manila


Feel Better Than Ever

I bought a bottle of your liquid oxygen drops on an Air Canada flight to London and I wish to know where I can buy more bottles if possible in province of Quebec because I have never felt better! Who knew something so natural can make you feel this energized...
Poisson, Quebec


Sole Muscle Relief

My girlfriend bought me your liquid drops to try because I'm training for a marathon. I honestly was skeptical until I finally gave them a try. I can't believe they worked right away and gave me so much energy. I was amazed the next day after being sore every morning that I woke up without any aches or muscle soreness – these drops are awesome and you now have a huge fan. Thanks alot.
M. Terry, NM


Feel Younger

I am 56 going on 20 thanks to your liquid oxygen drops. I love them and so do my friends now.
S. Harris, OH


Helps With Flu Symptoms 

My boss gave me the oxygen drops for a gift but I wasn't sure if I wanted to take them. I let them sit in my desk for months until I got a terrible flu. I figured I may as well and felt completely back to normal the next day. My peers and my son had the same flu and I gave them some as well. The next day they were back to health too. They are better than any flu medication I ever tried. All three of us thank you very much.
V. Stranton, NJ


Increase Energy, Feel Refreshed

I fly from Vancouver to Korea for business very often and suffer from tiredness and jetlag. I bought the O2 oxygen liquid drops to try and I could not imagine to feel so good after such a long trip. Never have I had such energy and feeling refreshed when I arrived. I will tell my associates to use these and I need to buy more – how do I buy them? They are amazing.
K. Whein, Korea


Helps Purify Tap Water and Relieve Headaches

My husband and I bought your liquid oxygen at the Ritz Carlton when on vacation. My headache went away in 10 minutes and my husband went out for a jog (which he rarely does anymore). I love the fact that they purify our drinking water as we travel a lot and can't thank you enough for such an invigorating and natural product, well done.
Michelle, CA


Quality Health Products

I love coming into the Toronto location, when I can, and I adore the products that I have tried! Thanks for the quality – especially!
M. Lepofsky, ON


Helps Reduce Anxiety

"After traveling for almost 48 hours overseas, I was in the airplane, to reach my destination in about 20 minutes, and i was wondering how I would drag myself through immigration, luggage pick up, taxi, hotel search, etc. and all the usual hassles of traveling, specially abroad....I took about 3 dropper full of the male Oxygen, ...now do remember that I wasn't able to sleep on the airplane and having gone through 4 different airports I was just about to pass out from exhaustion....anyhow, within 45 minutes my mind calmed down, I started to have my focus back and I just felt completely "normal" within a very short span of time, I was able to pull through and find my hotel and after I got in, I got on my computer and finished about 6 hours of previously unfinished work which I'd been dreading to do... and I still could not fall asleep, so I started doing some stretches in my hotel room, and finally dozed off an hour later. I only had about 4 hours of sleep, waking up , not feeling the after effects of my long haul at all....this is the real stuff....IT WORKS....I'M SO GREATFUL....makes hectic lives so much easier. Thanks much!
Kyle Safa, BC


Best Natural Health Product

I have just returned from America to the UK and bought a bottle of liquid oxygen on board the plane. Where can I get hold of some more as the whole family is benefiting from using this fantastic product? I bought a 30ml bottle but am now getting afraid to use it in case I am unable to get hold of any more!

Kind regards,
Ruth Franklin, UK


Miracle Water

My wife and I were recently flying home from Europe when my legs began to cramp on the plane so painfully that I could not stay in my seat. My walking around made the flight attendant angry and she insisted that I remain seated but I couldn't. It eventually got so bad that she was threatening to arrest me! My wife saw the liquid oxygen drops in the duty free magazine and bought them for me to try. Within five minutes of adding them to my water the cramps stopped. I couldn't believe it! Awhile later the flight attendant came around and asked me what had happened, she said my face changed and I looked so much more relaxed and happy. You have the real deal – your drops really do work. My wife and I are in our ‘70s and felt no jet lag and more energy too. Thank you so much and you should make bigger bottles of this miracle liquid.
Anonymous, ON


Helps with Cold and Flu Symptoms, Aids Immunity

I needed to share my happiness with your company. I have always been a sickly person (as my Mother calls me!), Very prone to colds, flus or viruses. Anything going around, I get. Guaranteed! Since I've been using your product I have not been sick! You need to hear this from a bloke who is sick with something new every week. NO colds. NO flu. NO sinusitis. NO asthma attacks. And NO bronchitis for 7 weeks now. God bless your liquid drops. I am a newer, healthier person thanks to these. 
T. Wolfe, UK