About Us


The Success of O2 Spa Bar is as Natural as Breathing


On March 2, 1996, O2 Spa Bar threw a launch party to celebrate the opening of the world’s first retail oxygen bar. The party took place in their gorgeous 1,600 square-foot retreat located in the heart of Toronto. While patrons lined up inside O2 Spa Bar to experience the benefits of 99.9% pure oxygen, the media with their satellite trucks outside beamed live reports and interviews with the proud co-owners. Needless to say, the launch party was an overwhelming success.

When news of O2 Spa Bar hit the wire, media outlets from around the world wanted the story. The phones lines lit up with media calls from Japan, Spain, Sweden, India and nearly every U.S. state. Within four months, O2 Spa Bar had been featured in hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, radio reports and television shows. This media attention resulted in thousands of calls for information about franchising opportunities and O2 Spa Bar set to work designing and developing modular O2 equipment for sale to oxygen bars and spas worldwide.

Today, O2 Spa Bar remains committed to the research and development of the finest quality, all-natural products, which are now being used around the globe. So to our existing patrons we say, thank you, to our new patrons we say, welcome, and to everyone we say, good health!

Why oxygen?

It’s all around us and, of course, you’re breathing it right now. But the question is: Are you getting enough?