8 Fall Steps for Healthy Living

27th Sep 2018

8 Fall Steps for Healthy LivingGive your health a boost this fall with eight tips so simple you'll hardly know they're healthy.As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, change is in the air … read more

Did you know...

Posted by O2 Spa Bar on 13th Sep 2018

Did You Know..."The effects of low oxygen levels in the oral environment are of particular relevance due to its relationship with bacterial growth and survival and consequent maintenance of the infla … read more

This week: Can’t get enough Voltaire.

Posted by Lissa Charron on 14th Jul 2015

Urban Adams speaks about blood doping-maximize your happiness with more oxygen. Sesame Street meets hip beats with Gecko Turner. FUN QUOTE OF THE WEEK:My life is a battle. Each player must accept … read more

What does your name mean ?

Posted by Lissa Charron on 8th Jul 2015

Really interesting facts about our bodies I never knew. Song by St. South.FUN INSIGHT OF THE WEEK:Punch in your name. This is more insightful than the best horoscope I have ever read – try it out !htt … read more

Oxygen and the Body

Posted by Lissa Charron on 15th Jun 2015

Filled with new ideas, I have decided on a three (3) tier blog post that is Fact Happy, Fast Reading & a too cool for school song of the week. Hopefully you will feel a pull towards one or more.Her … read more