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Oxy Bump FAQ

What is Oxy Bump?

Oxy Bump is a unique, highly effective nasal spray. It is 100% all natural. It is safe for daily use and family friendly. The proprietary formulation contains an advanced infusion of oxygen in saline and essential plant minerals.

Can I use Oxy Bump everyday?

Yes. There are no adverse effects or contraindications with daily use. Use as often as required.

Who can use Oxy Bump?

Everybody. Oxy Bump is family friendly product.

Can I use Oxy Bump with all my medications?

Yes. Oxy Bump is 100% all natural. It can be taken with any medications. Please consult your physician when taking any new product.

Why is the sprayer not spraying?

Remove the small plastic ring right below the finger pump. It is safety collar.

How much is in one bottle of Oxy Bump?

160 sprays. Suggested use is 2-3 sprays per nostril as often as required. Shake well before using. Results may vary.

How come Oxy Bump tingles my nasal passages?

Occasionally, due to runny or very dry nasal passages, they may become sensitive or irritated. The tingling effect is the oxygen helping to repair the damaged tissue. If you feel discomfort, please discontinue use.


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